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  1. Iberoamerican Short Film Competition
  2. ICVM Crown Awards
  3. IF Awards
  4. Igualada International Amateur Film Festival
  5. Ilhavideo
  6. Image Awards
  7. Imagen Foundation Awards
  8. Imago - International Young Film and Video Festival
  9. Incurt
  10. Independent Cinema Exposition, USA
  11. Independent Spirit Awards
  12. India International Fashion Week
  13. Indiana Film and Video Festival
  14. Indianapolis International Film Festival
  15. Indianapolis LGBT Film Festival
  16. Indie's Movie Festival, Tokyo, Japan
  17. INTE Awards
  18. International Festival of Cinema and Technology
  19. International Monitor Awards
  20. International Documentary Association
  21. International Festival of Film Schools, Mexico
  22. International Panorama of Independent Filmmakers, Greece
  23. International Electronic Cinema Festival
  24. International Film Festival of India
  25. International Steadicam Awards
  26. International Emmy Awards
  27. International Horror Guild
  28. International Film Workshop for Young Artists, Poland
  29. International Family Film Festival
  30. International IMAX Film Festival
  31. International Biennal for Film Music
  32. Irish Film and Television Awards
  33. Isfahan International Festival of Films for Children & Young Adults
  34. Israel Awards
  35. Istanbul International Film Festival
  36. Italian National Syndicate of Film Journalists
  37. IXA Awards
Award events with name starting with I
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